Our Story


Our Journey


 At the top of 2020 we were solely a B2B coompany. Due to the advent of COVID-19, we reinvented ourselves by adding B2C to our services. Now we deliver furniture and decor products pan India.

Our Clientele


Our clientele talks highly of our quality and standards of service. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in India. We have standardized our process, quality and service while being a part of the growth stories of our clients.


Our People



We are vocal for local – be it sourcing raw materials from the rural parts of Tamil Nadu to hiring artisans from Rajasthan. Our products are manufactured locally in our facilities at Bangalore, Hosur and Jodhpur.

During COVID times, we have provided business to local suppliers,   manufacturers , labourers and transporters. We have also taken special care to provide employment locally. 

Our Facilities


From procurement of raw material to fittings, fabrication, assembly and packing, our facilities in Bangalore, Hosur and Jodhpur take care of all the work that creates a high quality product. All our products go through a process of cleaning, multiple quality checks, sanitization and finally careful packing. 


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