5 things to know before painting a house

They say a house reflects an individual’s personality. Painting the house with theright colors is one way to bring out that personality. It can change the mood andfeel of the house. Painting is an easy yet complex process. There are some people who are satisfied with the basic colors and then there are others who like toexperiment with bold colors.Here are a few pointers to help make painting your house...

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Influencers Aren’t Born, They’re Built.

For decades, men were at the center of wrestling entertainment but the future is women, evenwhen it comes to Ju-Jitsu.Jujutsu or Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of defeating an opponent in which oneuses either a short weapon or none. Ju-Jitsu is relatively new in India but is slowly gainingattention. It has been recently introduced in the Asian Games and will soon be in the Olympics.We...

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Common Problem Faced By An Architect or An Interior Designor

Architecture and design is a diverse industry that is evolving and growing at a ​rapidpace. ​ It is a tough industry to compete in. Interior designers and architects faceobstacles on a daily basis: from finance and payment management issues tounpredictable project timelines to the most critical one, vendor management.Inefficiency and failure to keep up with client’s expectations can lead to loss oftrust and hurt the brand image in the...

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