Common Problem Faced By An Architect or An Interior Designor

Architecture and design is a diverse industry that is evolving and growing at a ​rapid
pace. ​ It is a tough industry to compete in. Interior designers and architects face
obstacles on a daily basis: from finance and payment management issues to
unpredictable project timelines to the most critical one, vendor management.
Inefficiency and failure to keep up with client’s expectations can lead to loss of
trust and hurt the brand image in the long run.
Let’s look at some of the common problems faced by architects and interior

  1. Sourcing of products – It is a tough task to find the right quality products at
    the right price to fit the client’s expectations. Discovering products itself is a
    challenge because many vendors are not present online. Moreover, even
    when there are options to source the product, testing the product to ensure
    quality before the purchase is difficult. On top of this, there is no guarantee
    that one is able to get the best price for a given product.
  2. Vendor selection – Vendors play a very important role in this industry. They
    can make or break a business. While there are lots of options in the market,
    it is difficult to identify reliable vendors. This requires a lot of time and
    effort from the product engineering team to research and find the best in the
  3. Communication – Lack of communication is the common cause of errors,
    delays, and misunderstandings. Due to a lack of standardization in practices
    across the industry, it is difficult to convey the correct information on time
    to the vendor. Poor communication causes errors that directly affect the
    costs which results in the project going over budget.
  4. Managing client expectations – Delivering successful projects involves
    ensuring the satisfaction of the client. One has to work closely with the
    client in order to meet their requirements. Usually, clients come in with
    specific ideas and expectations. But they’re budgets also tend to be

constrained. This results in startled reactions when the actual costs to meet
their expectations are discussed. Hence it is necessary to help define the end
result which satisfies the client and source the best products that fit the

  1. Scheduling and time management – Meeting deadlines is important in
    building the client’s trust. But confusing vendor responses, tracking multiple
    products from different vendors, unpredictable timelines for product
    delivery, installation delays and unreliable product quality, all affect the
    project deadline easily.
    At SmartStorey, we solve the above-mentioned problems faced by architects and
    designers. We help in procuring a wide range of products that best fit the budget.
    We provide a range of products to choose from and assure timely delivery. During
    the time of installation, we ensure that the right quantity and quality of products
    have been received by the client without any vendor problems. SmartStorey
    ensures hassle-free completion of projects.
    Hire SmartStorey as your procurement partner and we’ll help achieve your vision

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