Influencers Aren’t Born, They’re Built.

For decades, men were at the center of wrestling entertainment but the future is women, even
when it comes to Ju-Jitsu.
Jujutsu or Ju-Jitsu is a Japanese martial art and a method of defeating an opponent in which one
uses either a short weapon or none. Ju-Jitsu is relatively new in India but is slowly gaining
attention. It has been recently introduced in the Asian Games and will soon be in the Olympics.
We at SmartStorey were honored to support the sport through Miss. Nabila Birjis.
Nabila(29 years old) an architect is a Jujitsu fighter hailing from the city of palaces, Namma
Mysuru. She is a three-time gold winner in the National Ju-jitsu fights.

“I am an athlete, a businesswoman and a designer! Each profession has helped
me build another. Being a combat sports athlete has taught me how to be an
aggressive businesswoman.”
Miss. Birjis is raised by a fiercely independent single mother in a joint family. Growing up, she
enjoyed sports and adventure. She climbed the Himalayas at the age of fourteen and took a bullet
ride to Gujarat at the age of twenty-two. Her love for traveling took her to as many as twelve
The young-curious woman stumbled upon Jiu-jitsu at the age of twenty-five during the phase we
all mutually go through “Let me get fit and stay healthy”. She began training and fell in love
with the sport. Being an architect in a reputed firm, she managed to hustle her way up becoming
the fighter she is today.
Nabila joined the Indian Combat Sports Academy, Bengaluru, India, to a team of fighters. She
trained really hard and found herself an opportunity to compete in her first Ju-jitsu fight. Her
dedication and love towards Ju-jitsu showed no agony on her face or in her career.
She fought her first national fight in 2017, and, without a doubt, she came home winning gold
against an experienced grappler. Her confidence increased and she decided to compete in
forthcoming fights. She quit her job to focus on full-time training in Ju-Jitsu and building her

own architecture and design studio.

“In a nutshell, my last few years have been about balancing between
architecture and Jiu-jitsu, there are instances where either of them have taken a
back seat while I worked on the other. Very soon, I knew life is a struggle – but I
wanted to struggle for the things I wanted.”
She won double gold yet again at Nationals, 3
time in a row. She competed in her first
international competition, South Asian Championship, Bahrain and bought home a silver.
In no time it was announced that Ju-Jitsu will be introduced in the Asian Games – 2018.
Overwhelmed by this act, Nabila trained herself to enter into the selection camp held in Kochi,
while handling two major projects, both from different cities.
“I get smashed every day, each training session is a nightmare – but I do it
anyway because there is no feeling equal to what it feels like after a hard
training session.”
Soon, she competed in the ADCC India Championship, Delhi, India. When Nabila approached
us, we decided to support her through this journey. But, regret to say that the fight did not go as

In her own words – “I was all set for the ADCC India Open, 2019. The competition turned out to
be a huge disappointment as my finals were misreferred. I know this happens, but did not expect
it to happen this early in my career. I do not consider this a defeat, hence I did not accept the
silver medal. I am now looking forward to my super fight with an international fighter on July
“What a roller coaster ride it has been so far – I relish every minute of it because
I do the things I love!”

We wish her all the very best for her future competitions! She is truly an inspiration to all the
young women who are obligated to doing what they love to do.
We believe women empowerment, gender equality and freedom to do without being judged, is
important. It is definitely evolving and changing in India. This is our little bit in supporting that

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