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  • 4,200

    A minimal modern Pendant Light, featuring an attractive design, will add an element of style to your home decor. Each lamp of this collection is given a distinct shade, which will blend well with your living space decor and add to its overall appeal. 

  • 8,500

    A contemporary style hanging design, the Albina brushed copper lights will add a touch of elegance and glamour to your interiors with its modern appeal. The beautifully crafted lampshade is intensified by its perfect copper finish. It’s ideal for placing it in your living room, your guest room or giving an edge to your industry designed balcony or terrace. 

  • 3,500

    Built with aluminum, this heavy-duty pendant light is incredibly durable. Timeless in style and easy to operate with a switch, these lights will make a lasting impression on your guests and enhance your home decor. Whether you are looking to make a statement in your living room, your bedroom, your dining area or above your work station too, this light truly is a remarkable choice.

  • -21% Off

    Both contemporary and chic, the Eostre leather-strapped hanging lights truly are a conversation starter. Constructed of durable metal with leather and steel top, it creates a light profile that is extremely pleasing to the eye. It’ll perfectly compliment your modern and minimalist design space. 

    Well-suited to add a touch of glam to your entertainment area, your dining space, an empty corner of your living room or bedroom these hanging lights will not sit quietly in the background but always be the centre of attention. 

  • -37% Off

    Although there is something unmistakably industrial about these Freyr Dew Drop ceiling lights, they add a touch of sophistication in a variety of spaces – ranging from modern chic to urban or countercultural.

    These metallic lights are dynamic enough to make an aesthetic contribution to a wide variety of office and home spaces alike and look really good as a unique dining room lighting solution.

  • -40% Off

    Made from a high-quality steel finish, this Freyr Dew Drop wall light features a clean and classic design for your home decor. If you are looking to go for a minimalist vibe, these extremely durable wall lights should be your pick. Install them in your hallway, near your dresser or your passage way and illuminate the beauty of your home.

  • -24% Off

    This kettle shaped hanging light is made with aluminum and given a brushed finish before electroplating to give the brushed silver finish. The drop light is perfect add on to your dining room setup. It brings a taste of tradition while being minimal.

  • -31% Off

    Classy, creative, and a strange sort of sophisticated; this Ira Rope Nest hanging light adds a rustic touch to any space it’s placed. 

    Built from durable strings and hand moulded in the shape of a bowl, these metallic lights with rope detailing are for those looking for a creative spark in their home or office. 

  • -33% Off

    This unique and rustic Ira Rope Nest wall light is an interesting way to illuminate your space. Made with a very durable metal and jute rope detailing, this light will be a conversation starter when placed near your workstation, your hallway, your dressing table or home garden.

  • -33% Off

    This Jupiter crosscut antique finish drop light will appeal to those who appreciate the cutting edge of urban decor. Add a touch of retrograde lighting to your interiors with this intricate and modern light fixture with a copper finish. Despite its very industrial feel, this light is made with an extremely durable metal, will look absolutely trendy, when placed near your reading space, your living room, hallway or terrace. 

  • -27% Off

    Sophisticated and stylish, Lisa White Globe Hanging Light will make a statement in any room of your choosing. A decorative addition for those fascinated with moonlights, these will be a great addition to your living space. 

    Made with a metallic frame in a gold finish this light will look great when used to light any private or commercial space.

  • 2,050

    This mater brushed metal half bell drop light blends the love for style and sophistication in one form. The copper finish to this aluminum light further lends elegance to its design. Ideal for your living room, dining area, trace or balcony, this drop light will surely enhance the aesthetics of your urban space with its unique warmth.